WisdomTech: How Tech Can Help

We live in an era of great separation, massive destruction to the life support systems of the planet, and unprecedented distractions - all of which are driven by technology. Unfortunately, the vast majority of tech is focused on extending the systems that have created and/or are exacerbating the problems. While enterprise may innovate around the edges of existential threats, most impact-focused innovations address the symptoms rather than roots of the problem. Without dealing with the roots, there can be no sustained change.

Perhaps even more so than greed, a root of all our problems is a lack of access to knowledge, critical thinking, collective intelligence and wisdom.

A new genre of computing called WisdomTech is emerging to improve thinking, accelerate learning, and build collective intelligence and wisdom in service to the Sustainable Development Goals and evolving human capacities and consciousness. WisdomTech - anchored by distributed ledger technologies, AI, and extended reality - can, for example, determine the wise use of data, expose false news during the 2020 elections cycle and beyond, and help bring about the Read/Write Internet.