Team Bridgit

We are an eclectic team with three PhDs, two Stanford grads with advanced degrees, multiple technology exits including a blockchain agricultural marketplace, multiple relevant technological innovations, and award-winning products and animations.

Daveed Benjamin
Extended Reality/Product
Author of Pacha's Pajamas
M.S., Stanford University

Colin Stewart
Blockchain Entrepreneur
Direct Harvest

Z Johnson PhD
Experience Design
Design and Strategy Consultant
PhD in Learning Science & Technology
Design from Stanford University

Allah El Henson
Animator of Pacha's Pajamas
Author of a Tale Told By Nature
California Academy of Arts


Justin Smith, PhD
Blockchain, AI
Creator of the Hyperloop Project
PhD, Washington State University


Tracey Osbourne
Education & Research
Founder of the Climate Mapping Project
Associate Professor, ASU
PhD in Geography, UC Berkeley


Clifford Chapman III
Business Development
Cre8ation Ventures
Enterprise IT Consultant to
Fortune 100 companies



We have also assembled a distinguished group of advisors who have held leadership positions at recognizable organizations and projects that are aligned with Bridgit’s vision. Abeed Janmohommed was the first employee of Radium One. Reena Jadhav was the CMO of Conduit. Karen Salay was Worldwide Channel/Alliance Manager at SugarCRM. Ben Bartlett is the inventor of Tokenized Debt Offerings (TDO). Josh Bachynski is an Independent SEO expert and filmarker.