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The Next-Generation Internet is the Internet of Ideas.

The Page-Based Internet is optimized for linear reading
yet not well suited for discovery and learning.

People Don’t Know What’s Real

“The holier-than-thou hypocrisy of big media companies
who lay claim to the truth,
but publish only enough to sugarcoat the lie,
is why the public no longer respects them!”
~ Elon Musk

Bridgit is the first People-Powered Evidence-Based Content Platform.

See the supporting and opposing evidence for every idea on any web page.

Access Breakthrough Knowledge

The first app of
the Bridgit browser makes
Content Discovery
orders of magnitude faster
and more effective than

The Internet of Ideas will enhance:

•   Highlight ideas on any web page
•   Knowledge Collaboration
•   Fake News Discernment
•   Content Discovery
•   Breakthroughs
•   Tokenize Your Research

The App that Pays You to Build
the Internet of Ideas

Be a thought leader
Express yourself
Help others

Get Followers

•   Highlight ideas on any web page
•   Attach notes that can be public or private
•   Build bridges (conceptual links) to other ideas
•   Share notes and bridges rather than the entire page