CrowdFact 2020

CrowdFact 2020 pilots the use of web page overlays for revealing fact checking and contextual information underlying the news so that web users can identify what’s real by themselves. We are developing a human-AI trained False News Detection tool and Truthiness Score that aggregates all the publicly available information about the facts. Our goal is to reduce the average response time to false news from 13 hours to minutes utilizing Frontier technologies including distributed ledger technology, machine learning, and extended reality,

Crowdfact 2020 provides an unprecedented opportunity for news organizations, fact-checking organizations, and their local audiences to connect around truth in media. We will enable fact checkers to attach their materials anywhere on the web directly to the content to which it is related. News audiences will be able to see a Truthiness Score as well as the 360 Context information including available fact checking materials for any idea on any news article. Audiences can add their own bridges and notes.

This initiative focuses on worldwide 2020 Election Cycles and the accompanying issues.

  • Context

    Connect issues, candidates, positions, and ideas across languages and elections

  • Fact Check

    Enable users to easily discover and access available fact-check information

  • Discernment

    Strengthen users’ ability to identify fake posts and false news by themselves

  • Clarity

    Enable voters to cut through the fog and achieve greater confidence and clarity

The CrowdFact 2020 beta will launch in Q2 2019.

If you have any questions, contact info(at)