Bridgit is a Social Purpose Corporation building a Distributed Search and Discovery protocol and a protocol for the OverWeb, a new layer of trust, ideas, interactions, and experiences that display on top of the page source.

We are proud recipients of the Culture Award from the European Commission's flagship Next Generation Internet program. The NGI Disruptive Technology Culture Driver award is given to those who are advancing revolutionary products destined to have a major impact on the internet of the future.

Bridgit operates as an “always-available, wherever you are" overlay on top of any web page. Bridgit's Holochain infrastructure democratizes linking so users can create bridges that connect information on an idea by idea basis over. These bridges constitute an "Internet of Ideas” that cultivates a much higher signal-to-noise and connected network than today's internet.

Founded by Daveed Benjamin in Oakland, California in 2018, Bridgit now boasts a team of over two dozen developers, creatives, strategists, and innovators located across the globe.

We are seeking investors and partners committed to building a more resilient, trustworthy, inclusive, and secure internet for all people.

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