Bridgit is a simple browser overlay that uses crowdsourced bridges
to create infinite connections between ideas -- not just pages.

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Bridgit has won the 2019 Culture Award from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet program.

The Bridgit team received the NGI Award at Four Years From Now (4YFN) in Barcelona in February 2019


    Bridgit is a browser extension positioned over the web that adds a layer of sharing, knowledge, and trust to the internet. Users build new networks of ideas through universal bridges that jump to relevant information, news, and content… yes, even cat memes.


    Bridges are crowd-sourced gateways to ideas and content. A user can create a bridge from a text passage, social media post, image, or video to another piece of content anywhere on the internet.


    Earn currency for building and curating bridges based on the value your contributions make in the network.


    The CrowdFact project uses Bridgit’s overlay to flag misinformation — and verify facts — ahead of the 2020 election cycle. CrowdFact relies on crowdsourced bridges to reduce the response time to fake news from an average of 13 hours to a matter of minutes.


    In short: Everyone. Lifelong learners, skill-seekers, news outlets, political junkies, academics and researchers, meme-heads, students and teachers, media organizations, think tanks, and just about anyone who is curious about the world can fall in love with Bridgit.


    Bridgit is part of The Overweb — a new class of technology that enhances the internet by building layers of interaction and information on top of the existing web. It’s a whole new universe of ideas, content, and experiences.


    Bridgit is built on a blockchain infrastructure that removes weighted search results and advertisements from controlling the digital information landscape.

The OverWeb

The OverWeb is a trust layer built on top of the existing web. It attaches ideas, interactions, and experiences with web objects in the page source. Browser overlay apps like Bridgit are the first wave of the #OverWeb.

In this next generation of the internet, a page will just be the contextual footprint for a whole world of ideas, interactions, and experiences that will grow out of any single page source.

Imagine adding notes, having conversations, and meeting with collaborators around any idea on any web page!

The OverWeb will transform the current internet into a much more three-dimensional experience that closely mirrors the synaptic structure of the human brain. It will make context truly visible and link knowledge in ways that are impossible in the current online experience.

Bridgit is proud to be an OverWeb pioneer and to be creating the protocols, interfaces and experiences that will help define its development. To learn more visit and sign up for the #OverWeb newsletter.

Propagandists often don’t care whether everyone, or even most people, really believe the specific things they are selling... They just have to get you confused enough so that you don’t know what is true. That’s deception...

Michael Lynch
Michael Lynch Autonomy Corporation and Invoke Capital

We are moving from an Internet of Information to an Internet of Value. The internet of information was great but it did have a big weakness, You couldn’t store, move, transact value without a powerful intermediary. And that’s what blockchains solve.

Don Tapscott
Don Tapscott International Bestselling Author

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you or share our data